Archito Esteban Luna

Emergency and Critical Care Technician
Veterinary Technician

At a tender young age, Archie already knew what he really wanted to pursue in College; as he had a genuine interest in animal welfare. Archie graduated with a Degree in Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from De La Salle Araneta University Philippines. Right after College, Archie worked hard as a Veterinary Practitioner in the Philippines where he worked closely with the veterinarians as well as the attendants to deliver animal-centred healthcare services until he decided to pursue his next level of career growth as a Veterinary Technician in Singapore.

At the present, Archie works confidently as a member of the VES Team. He handles and assists in providing the utmost nursing care to all our patients. Archie has an innate empathy in looking after our patients, and considers his job to be meaningful, satisfying, and very much rewarding whenever seeing our patients nursed back to health.