Dr Naomi Shimizu

Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Dr Naomi’s career has taken her all around the globe including France, Japan, Belgium and the UK. She graduated from Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort in 2011 and started her residency in small animal surgery at the University of Liège in 2015. Upon completion of residency, Naomi worked at the University of Bristol and Southfields Veterinary Specialists. She obtained her Diplomate status as a European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery in 2021.

She joins VES as a full-time surgeon, while doing her PhD with the University of Liège on bladder and prostatic tumours in dogs. She is excited to have moved to Singapore and work with all the different departments in VES to provide the best care for our furry family members. Dr Naomi particularly enjoys oncological, urinary and vascular surgery, and is very comfortable with performing most soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.

Dr Naomi has a cat called Chibi that she rescued in the UK. She also rescued a little Italian Greyhound called Kora that had a PDA and was about to be put to sleep. Instead, she decided to perform surgery on the 2-month-old puppy. Kora is now almost 2 years old, very healthy and loves running around!

In her spare time, Dr Naomi loves to spend time with her family and play the piano. She likes concerts and opera, and enjoys travelling, cooking, and eating good food!