About Singapore Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital

Ophthalmology at VES Hospital is led by our referral clinician Dr Laurent Fillon, DVM CESOphthalmology and aims to provide a prompt and efficient referral service for the veterinary community and small animal patients in Singapore.

Pets can develop a wide range of medical and surgical ocular conditions. VES Hospital is fully equipped to diagnose and treat veterinary eye diseases and infections. In addition, the presence of on-site specialists and certified vets in Diagnostic Imaging, Surgery, Internal Medicine and Critical Care, provides a collaborative, comprehensive approach to most conditions involving the eye.

Our hospital is staffed 24/7 and patients that need to be admitted with ophthalmologic conditions will be monitored at all times and receive treatments around the clock.

If you would like to refer a case or discuss about a patient, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email or by using our referral section. If you think your patient might have several conditions we will of course deploy our clinicians to give you the most comprehensive diagnosis. We are looking forward to speaking to you about your case.

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Our services include

Complete ophthalmic examination

By using Slit lamp, Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, Tonometry, Gonioscopy … we are able to provide a complete assessment of your pet condition

Diagnostic Imaging

With our GE 32slices CT scan, GE Ultrasound suite and access to MRI, we can perform a full Imaging of the eye and the orbit. When the internal structures of the eye are not visible, we are able to diagnose and advise you on conditions like inflammation, abscess, cancer …


This technique is essential in understanding ocular problems in our patients. It focuses on the assessment of one of the most valuable layer of the eye, the retina.

Extraocular and Intraocular surgical procedures

Our fully equipped ZEISS Surgical Suite allow us to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures from eyelid surgeries, corneal surgeries (perforations, lacerations, sequestra, ulcers, grafts …)  to cataract surgery by phacoemulsification with intraocular lens replacement and intraocular surgeries.