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Veterinary referral form

If your patient requires same-day emergency referral or urgent specialist care, please call us on 6266 0232 before transferring your patient.

Upon submission of referral form, our team will review the referral. We will contact the pet owner directly within 24 hours to book an appointment with the relevant department.


Note: Your referral summary will be sent to this email address.

Owner information
Animal information
Disease information

Please include pertinent history, current treatment plan and response, and differentials.

Is there anything specific you wish to be done for your patient at VES?

If you know of any other clinics the patient has been to, please note them down so we can contact them for history.

Upload medical history, lab results and imaging with the file dialog or by dragging and dropping files (PDF, JPEG, PNG) onto this area. Total attachment size should not exceed 10 MB.

Please note that until we receive the referred patient's history and diagnostic results, we are unable to book an appointment with your client.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have informed the pet owner that I am referring the case to VES and I have obtained their consent appropriately to share their personal data with VES for this purpose.