Your pet is being referred to us, what to expect?

Your pet may be referred for an external echocardiographic examination only or be fully referred for a complete assessment.
If your pet is referred to VES Hospital for a full cardiac assessment, you will start with an initial cardiac consultation, including a thorough evaluation of any medical history or diagnostics provided by your referring veterinarian, as well as physical examination of your pet.

Your pet’s assessment may include an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart), blood pressure measurement, interpretation of your veterinarian’s radiographs, in-house radiographs if required, and/or an electrocardiogram. After assessment, we will discuss diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up recommendations and will communicate with your primary veterinarian.

If your pet requires hospitalization, constant care and monitoring are provided on site within our dedicated intensive care unit providing advanced monitoring and treatments and staffed 24/7.